As many of you will already know, the Hall Management Committee are now at the next stage in improving the Hall’s bar facilities. This means that builders will be working in the foyer area and that end of the main hall from Monday 19th August.

The work will last a minimum of one week and is likely to spread into part of the following week. Arrangements for that period: If you have a regular booking in the Hall and it includes timings during the work then Edwina, the Manager, will have been in touch with you to discuss the best way to minimise disruption for you.

Those who may be thinking of booking the Hall during that two weeks, please be aware that the first week is likely to be impossible but discuss week beginning 26th August with Edwina.

Post Office: Alex and Sam have decided to cancel the Tuesday morning post office in Belstone for those two Tuesdays (20th and 27th August). They are eager to remind users that Sticklepath provides an alternative venue the following day. Normal service will be resumed at Belstone Village Hall on Tuesday 3rd September.

Community Cafe: There will be no cafe on Thursday 22nd August. It is likely that there will be cafe the following Thursday (29th) but please look out for word on this nearer the time.

And finally: We do appreciate that this disruption may be very inconvenient for some of our users and we do apologise for this. Please know that the reason is for enhancement of the Hall and that that is for the benefit of all the community as well as those beyond the village who benefit from using our Hall. If you are using the Hall during the works, then please follow all directions as to access and safety.

The Village Hall Management Committee