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On Wednesday 7th March, a visitor to the village parked her car in the village car park at 9.30am. When she returned to her car, at 10.30am she found the back significantly damaged: the boot mis-shapen and the number plate hanging off. The extent of the damage could not have been done, it would seem, without a driver being aware of it but no note had been left to explain the damage.

The hall was in use at the time, with a changeover of activities at around 10.00am, so it is possible that someone may have heard or seen something that could help.

The car is a VW Golf, reg WF53OUG. If anyone has information could they please contact the owner on 07794 241387.


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  1. Julia Kuhn

    Sorry I can’t help but did you mean 17th feb or maybe 7th March? x