White Squirrel in Belstone

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For the last month or more a white squirrel has been seen around Belstone. Yesterday I first got the attached long distance photo of the white one and a grey squirrel side by side, which was good for comparisons.  Then I crept up on it and got to within 30 feet for the other two photos , one on the ground, the other in the tree.  It is not a true albino as it has black eyes.  Still, it is pretty rare, maybe 1 in 100000 chance.  It was born with leucism, a mutated gene which causes the white colour but keeps the eyes black (a true albino would have pink eyes).

Chris Walpole


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  1. Rebecca Stanton
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    Absolutely stunning! thank you for posting :))

  2. David and Rowena Bishop
    | Reply

    We’ve seen it too! (In the field at the back of Joyce’s empty cottage.) Now we know it wasn’t our imagination!

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