Dormice in Skaigh Valley

During lockdown our very own amateur film maker and historian, Chris Walpole, has been sorting out his collection of films and putting some of them on YouTube. Here is a … Read More

The Cliff

Why not take a walk from Belstone along the north side of Belstone Cleave towards Sticklepath and you too can, once again, sit and enjoy the fantastic views from ‘The … Read More

Belstone Claps For Carers

On this day of the NHS’s 72nd anniversary, it would seem an appropriate occasion to show Chris Walpole’s video compilation of some of the Thursday evenings that Belstone has joined … Read More

Dawn Chorus – The Finale

Many thanks to Chris for sending in all these entertaining and informative films over the last few weeks. We hope you have enjoyed them all. If you would like to … Read More

Continuing Dawn Chorus . . .

A double bill of Dawn Chorus films today. First are the cheerful chirps of some house sparrows. Then a comparison between willow warbler and chiffchaff – impossible to tell apart … Read More

Dawn Chorus Continued . . .

The latest Chris Walpole Dawn Chorus film features the Chaffinch. A familiar song maybe, but part of the film invites you to hear it rather differently.’

Wildlife in Belstone May 2020

Nature Notes by Robin Hill Chris Walpole spotted two red kites circling over the Great Green early yesterday morning and managed to get a distant (as he says “rather grainy”) … Read More

Going Cuckoo in Belstone

In last month’s film ‘Where’s the Cuckoo’ our intrepid Belstone birdwatcher failed to hear the bird at all, even with the aid of highly sensitive ‘big ears’. In this new … Read More

May Day Morris 2018 – Cogs & Wheels – Part 2

Thank you, Chris Walpole, for keeping us all entertained with these short films. If you have missed any, you will find them on the Belstone Blog page of this site. … Read More

Dawn Chorus Virtual Walk – Part 8

The eighth short video from Chris Walpole, offering a virtual version of the Dawn Chorus Walk …

May Day Morris 2018 – Cogs & Wheels

Sit back and enjoy this short film of Cogs & Wheels dancing at Watchet summit as the sun rose on May Day 2018 …

Rare Hoopoe Spotted at Corscombe

“This rare Hoopoe was spotted yesterday in a garden at Corscombe. It stayed close to the kitchen window sheltering from the rain for 20 minutes to enable Phil Hammans to … Read More

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