Belstone Village Hall and Belstone Parish Council would like to draw your attention to a nationwide marketing ploy currently being perpetrated by the owners of the domain “”.

You may have recently received an email from “” saying it’s from Belstone Parish and asking you to renew your business listing on “”.

The owners of this website are nothing to do with Belstone, the Village Hall, the Parish Council or any other parish or parish organisation in the UK.

The website itself has been very cleverly built to look like the site, but states that it is does not form part of HM Government. It’s also not possible to find out from the website who or what is.

They have created subdomains for each parish in the UK (“” in this instance) and scraped details of organisations and businesses in each parish from other sources.

They are now writing to businesses to tell them they have to “renew” their listing – at which point they will take a payment from you. We would strongly recommend that you DO NOT PAY THEM ANY MONEY – or interact with them at all!

Your Belstone Village Website ( is provided for free by two legitimate local organisations – Belstone Village Hall (a registered charity) and Belstone Parish Council (a UK local government body). Both of these organisations have a duty to provide services to the local community and are required to adhere to the highest standards of behaviour.

The Village Hall, the Parish Council and the website team are always happy to answer questions or support with any concerns over online safety.