Spring has ‘sprung’ and one would-be mother blue bit is certainly busy preparing her new home in readiness.

Thanks to Jane & Gilby Taylor, we have a unique peep into the nest cam box on their garage. This is the first in what we hope may be a series of clips in which we can see the family arrive and begin to grow.

ALSO . . . listen out for the cuckoo – if he follows previous years, he should be here within the next week or so.

AND . . . remember that the much-malligned dandelion is actually very important for bumblebees, solitary bees and hover flies. It is a very rich source of nectar and pollen, providing a great source of food for pollinators, so do try to leave a longer patch of grass for dandelions and other wild flowers that are important for insects. (Editors recommend reading Wild About Weeds by Jack Wallington)