Opportunity for Covid-safe learning on “Climate Change Solutions”

Greener Belstone would like to bring your attention to a free, online course:

For anyone keen to learn about climate change solutions from the comfort of their home during lockdown, Exeter University is offering this free online  course open to all.  No essays or written work to submit (!), just up-to-the-minute information and ideas from staff at the university.  Access to the course is from Monday 15th Feb and it will run for 4 weeks; the suggestion is that it will require 3 hours a week to follow it.  

The course is offered under the auspices of Edinburgh University’s outreach programme, www.futurelearn.com To access the page direct, click on the green button.

Members of Greener Belstone will be taking the course.  If you have any thoughts on how the solutions could apply to Belstone contact GreenerBelstone@gmail.com