Yes, it seems awfully soon to be mentioning Christmas . . . but I want to ask ahead of time if you would be interested in joining me in doing a Reverse Advent Calendar (I will still be munching my way through a chocolate one!)

This is becoming a popular idea, especially with families, as there is a focus on thinking of others and giving. The idea is to put an item into a box every day throughout December. The boxes will be collected on the 20th and distributed to people in need in the local area. Items in the boxes might include staples in terms of tinned/dried foods and toiletries but a few treats too, e.g. a bar of chocolate, or fancy biscuits (I can provide a list of suggestions on request).

I am currently intending to do this pilot project in the Beacon Villages (advertising via the Beacon Magazine!) but welcome any participants local to Okehampton and the surrounding areas. 3, East Street/The Community Kitchen will be our contact for distribution. Rebecca Green is very happy to distribute home-made foods as part of the boxes as long as all the ingredients are listed.

In terms of perishable items, I have talked to Luxtons and Martins and they operate Voucher Schemes. So the gift for one day could be a token bought at one of these businesses to redeem against fresh meat or produce. If you think this is a project you are interested in joining, either as a household or as a group of households, please contact me and I can provide further details.
Joanna Currie 01837 840270