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Agenda for a meeting of the Belstone Parish Council to be held on 19th October in the Meeting Room at Belstone Village Hall at 7.30 pm

2021/22-59      Disclosures of Interests

To receive disclosures of personal and prejudicial interest from Councillors on matters to be considered at the meeting.

2021/22-60      Minutes

To resolve that the minutes of the meeting of the Council held on 7th September 2021, previously circulated, be signed as a correct record.
For resolution.

2021/22-61      Apologies for Absence

To record any apologies for absence and reasons.
For resolution.

2021/22-62      Borough Councillor Statement

Lynn Daniel is hoping to attend this meeting, and will be sending a statement.
For Information.

2021/22-63      Chairman’s Announcements

For information.

2021/22-64      Finance

A. Second Quarter Budget

To agree Second Quarter Budget as attached.
For resolution.

B. Internal Auditor

The Internal Auditor should have been appointed at the Annual Parish Council Meeting; but this did not happen as there was nobody available. Although the Internal Auditor does not normally audit the accounts until the end of the year, the Accounts and Audit Regulations 1996, Regulation 5 states that “A relevant body shall maintain an adequate and effective system of internal audit of their accounting records and control systems.”
For discussion and resolution.

C. Administration Expenses

To authorise the clerk’s reimbursement for some ink cartridges at £25.60 (+VAT).
For resolution.

D. Grant Application

The Okehampton District Community Transport Group (ODCTG) have requested a donation.
For resolution.

E. Current Finances

The council currently has a total balance in its two accounts of £ 4,463.17.
For Information.

2021/22-65      Kerbing at the Great Green

Following the response from Russell Hookway (see Clerk’s Report). Consideration of what the next steps are to prevent parking at the Great Green.
Cllr Cooper to report on the quotes for granite kerbing.
For discussion and resolution.

Power to plant trees and shrubs and to maintain roadside verges Highways Act 1980, s. 96

2021/22-66      Car Park Actions

A.        Removal of Grass (Resolution 2021/22-47B)

The clerk has approached the Village Hall Committee and the Belstone Commoners’ Association for contributions towards the £500 cost for the removal of the grass. The Village Hall has agreed to provide £200.
For information.

Power to provide parking places for vehicles, bicycles and motor cycles. Road Traffic Regulation Act 1984, ss. 57, 63

B.        Purchase of A-Frame (Resolution 2021/22-34C/D)

The A-Frame Noticeboard has been purchased.  Peter Grubb has supplied a Car Park Layout for the council to approve or amend.
For resolution.

Power to provide parking places for vehicles, bicycles and motor cycles. Road Traffic Regulation Act 1984, ss. 57, 63

C.        Removal of Tree Guards (Resolution 2021/22-34E)

Cllr Ash to report on the removal of the tree guards.
For information.

Power to provide parking places for vehicles, bicycles and motor cycles. Road Traffic Regulation Act 1984, ss. 57, 63

D.        Electric Vehicle Charging Point

To discuss the options presented by Nicholas Bull for the provision of Electric Vehicle Charging Points in the Car Park.
For resolution.

Power to provide parking places for vehicles, bicycles and motor cycles. Road Traffic Regulation Act 1984, ss. 57, 63

2021/22-67      Planning – Rew Meadow

The possible enforcement breach has been reported.
For information.

2021/22-68      Report from DALC Conference

Clerk and Cllr Weaver to report on the sessions that they have attended at the DALC Virtual Conference.
For information.

2021/22-69      Planning – The Tors Shed

A resident has pointed out that The Shed appears to be permanent and there has been no ‘Change of Use’ application to DNPA. They could, of course, have had a dispensation whilst there was a Covid lockdown but according to the Tors website, it seems to sound like a permanency.
For resolution.

2021/22-70      Dartmoor National Park Byelaws Consultation

To agree the Parish Council response to the consultation on the byelaws changes. Including camping, drones and dog walking changes.
For resolution.

2021/22-71      Uncut roadside Hedges

Following an email from Marion Walpole regarding the hedges down Skaigh Lane. To agree whether any action should be taken.
For resolution.

2021/22-72      West Devon Borough Council Consultations

West Devon Borough Council have sent through 3 documents for consultation on which they would like responses:

A. Draft Memorandum of Understanding

B. Draft Gambling Statement of Principles

C. Draft Planning Validation Checklist

For resolution.

2021/22-73      Village Light

The lack of a timer on the village light has been reported to the Lighting Department at Devon County Council. They will attend to this fault on or before 22 October 2021.
For Information.

2021/22-74      Eagle House Salt Bin

The damage to the salt bin has been reported to the Highways Department at Devon County Council. They anticipate that the assessment will be completed by 29th October 2021.
For Information.

2021/22-75      Building a Conversation with your Community

Feedback from Cllr Weaver following the DALC/Breakthrough Communications training course on 15th September.
For Information

2021/22-76      Lion’s Mouth Water Fountain

Ian Brooker asked whether the Parish Council would consider adopting the fountain as a parish asset.
For resolution

The next meeting will be on Tuesday November 30th 2021 in the Meeting Room of Belstone Village Hall at 7.30 pm.

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