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Belstone Asset Register 2023/24

Belstone Parish Council Fixed Assets Register June 2023

AssetLocationAcquiredReplacement valueInsuredAsset Value
Bus shelterTongue End2020 ?£1,900Yes£1,500 ?
BT Phone BoxNr Zion ChapelMarch 2015£1,575Yes£1
Notice BoardNr Dagworthy1990 ?£100No£50
Car Park Notice BoardCar Park2020£130No£130
A-Frame Notice BoardVillage Hall nr Stairs2021£120No£120
Village car park (10-year lease)Opposite Village Hall2018NilNoNil
StocksThe Green?NilNoNil
The PoundThe Green?NilNoNil
Seats as itemised on separate sheetVariousVariousNilNoNil

Seat Inventory

June 2023

Seat No.LocationDonorCondition
 1Pound – left of gate Vacant Site
2Pound – opposite gateMrs Joyce Kastner (2008)Sound
3Pound – right of gateNockold family (2017)Sound
5Opposite The Barton Vacant Site
6Outside HillsideMillerSound
7Green No. 1Haldon Hole (2016) ?Sound
8Green No. 2Metal arms & wooden seat – Maintained by CouncilSound
9Green No. 3Chris Aggett (2006)Sound
10Below Green –  entrance to leatR & S Norrish (2010)Sound
11Green No. 6FoleySound
12Green No. 7WoodwardSound
13Green No. 8 Vacant site
14Birchy Lake Gate‘Mrs Hutchinson’s seat’ – granite pewSound
15Below GreenWestlake c/o David Westlake, AustraliaSound  
16Well ParkMetal seat – Maintained by CouncilSound
17West CleaveAnon – replaced with wooden bench by StOC, 2018Sound
18Wheelpit HillMaintained by CouncilSound
19Brenamoor Vacant site

All seats covered by Parish Council’s public liability insurance.

Notes from previous asset registers

The notice board’s value was increased in 2009 to £100 but is not included under the Community First insurance cover, because there is a £100 excess on each claim.

The value of the bus shelter was reduced in December 2003 to the estimated replacement value (£1,500) provided by Mr. P. Cooper. (See minutes 40v, 16.09.03 and 58iv, 09.12.03).  Insured for £1,897 in 2021

The BT Phone Box was adopted March 2015 for £1 and added to the Community First insurance All Risks Cover. The value to be increased annually, in line with the insurance valuation.

Fifteen seats within the parish are included under the Parish Council’s public liability insurance cover.    They are checked every 12 months.

Village car park lease acquired in 2018 for 10 years.  No additional premium required on insurance.

The Car Park Noticeboard was acquired in 2020 at a cost of £133.33. Not included in insurance cover.

The A-Frame Noticeboard was acquired in 2021 at a cost of £119.79. Not included in insurance cover.