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Belstone Parish Council Diary 2024/25

Parish Council Diary 2024/25

Actions and meetings for the year ahead.

March Put Annual Parish Meeting in Beacon
Bank Holiday Friday 29th March
April Bank statements 31st March
Bank Holiday Monday 1st April
Draft 2023/24 Annual Accounts Circulated
VAT Return
HMRC End of Year Return
Pay ICO Data Protection Fee (DD)
Pay DALC Annual Subscription (DD)
Chairman to write annual report
29th AprilAnnual Parish Meeting Annual Reports 
 Accounts to Internal Auditor
First Instalment of Precept 30th April
May Pay Insurance
Bank holidays 6th and 27th May
20th MayAnnual Parish Council Meeting
Election of Chairman
Sign acceptance of Office
Review Code of Conduct
Review Insurance,
Risk Assessment and Asset Register
Review Bank Mandates
End of Year Budget
Formal approval of 2023/24 Accounts
June AGAR must be sent out 14 days before meeting
24th JuneParish Council Meeting
Internal Auditor’s Report
Thanks to Internal Auditor, choose next auditor, gift.
Agree Annual Return (AGAR)
 Submit AGAR
Pay Salary
July Bank Statements 30th June
Clerk’s Annual Assessment
Pay SLCC Membership
August   Holiday
September9th SeptParish Council Meeting
Pay ODTCG Section 137 Donation
Second Instalment of Precept 30th September
Pay Salary
October Bank Statements 30th September
Set Parish Council meetings for 2024
Create new diary
November11th NovParish Council Meeting
Mid-Year Budget
Draft 2023/24 Precept and Budget
January Bank Statements 31st December
13th JanParish Council Meeting
Confirm Precept
Review Standing Orders
 Precept Request
Pay Citizens Advice Donation
February Pay for Village Hall and Website
March17th MarchParish Council Meeting
Review Financial Regulations
Review Employment Policies
 Councillors to Check Interests
Pay Salary
Inspect Seats and assets I
nvite guests to Annual Parish Meeting
Put Annual Parish Meeting in April Beacon