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Belstone Parish Council Transactions 2022-23

Belstone Parish Council Transactions 2022-23


12/04/2022Ink Cartridges and paper (Paid to Sally Fullwood)£27.32
12/04/2022DALC Subscription£56.36
03/05/2022ICO Data Protection Fee£35.00
17/05/2022Williams & Triggs (Second payment Jubilee Engraving)£316.80
17/05/2022Community First Trading (Insurance)£145.80
17/05/2022Sally Fullwood (stationery)£11.37
28/06/2022P S Cooper (Stakes for Jubilee Tree)£63.89
28/06/2022Chris Walpole (Internal Auditor Honorarium)£25.00
28/06/2022Sally Fullwood (Clerk wages, including bonus)£517.76
28/06/2022HMRC (Clerk tax)£66.80
30/06/2022Email System (pd to Simon Hill)£80.64
12/07/2022SLCC Membership£56.00
13/09/2022Sally Fullwood (Clerk’s wages)£440.65
13/09/2022HMRC (Clerk tax)£47.80
27/09/2022Okehampton District Community Transport Group grant£30.00
24/10/2022Ella Curnow Phone Box Paint Refund£13.78
09/12/2022Clerk’s Tax Oct-Dec (Sally Fullwood)£67.80
09/12/2022Clerk’s Wages Oct-Dec (Sally Fullwood)£520.57
09/01/2023SLCC Elections Training course for Clerk£18.00
09/01/2023Torridge, North, Mid and West Devon Citizens Advice £30.00
14/03/2023Clerk’s Wages Jan-Mar (Sally Fullwood)£686.86
16/03/2023Belstone Village Hall (Website)£75.00
16/03/2023Belstone Village Hall (Annual Fee)£45.00
 Total Expenditure£3,378.20


14/04/2022West Devon Borough Council Precept (First Instalment)£1,704.00
29/04/2022Interest April£0.11
06/05/2022West Devon Borough Council Locality Grant£100.00
13/05/2022HMRC VAT Refund£106.82
31/05/2022Interest May£0.14
30/06/2022Interest June£0.13
29/07/2022Interest July£0.13
31/08/2022Interest Aug£0.15
05/09/2022Compensation from Lloyds Bank£40.00
05/09/2022Phone Call refunds from Lloyds Bank£29.00
16/09/2022West Devon Borough Council Precept (Second Instalment)£1,704.00
30/09/2022Interest Sept£0.30
07/10/2022Devon County Council Locality Grant£250.00
31/10/2022Interest Oct£0.54
14/11/2022Interest Nov£0.37
 Total Receipts£3,935.69