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Council Summary Accounts 2022-23

Belstone Parish Council Summary Receipts and Payments Account 2022-23  
Balances as at 31/3/2022 £2719.14 (Current Account: £1,076.25 and Business Reserve Account £1,642.89)
   Bank Balances brought forward at 1st April £2,719.14
RECEIPTS  Petty cash£0.00
Precept£3,408.00 Add Total Receipts –£3,935.69
Agency Services & Concurrent£0.00 Interim Total£6,654.83
Functions Management£0.00 Less total Payments –£3,378.20
Loans/Capital Receipts£0.00 Balance Carried Forward at 31st March £3,276.63
Interest£1.87 These Cumulative funds are represented by: 
Other receipts£69.00 NatWest Current Account£0.00
VAT refund£106.82 NatWest Reserve Account£0.00
Total Receipts£3,935.69 Lloyds Current Account£3,276.63
   Petty cash£0.00
   Total in accounts£3,276.63
General Administration£473.47   
Loans/Capital Spending£0.00   
S.137 Payments£556.49   
Total Payments£3,378.20