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End of Year Budget Review 2023-2024

Belstone Parish Council Revenue Budget 2023-2024
 Income (gross)
Code BudgetComments Nov ’222nd Quarter4th QuarterDifferenceComments End of Year
AWDBC Precept£3,500.00 £3,500.00£3,500.000.00 
BCouncil Tax Support Grant£0.00 £0.00£0.000.00 
CVAT Refund£140.00 £137.33£137.33-2.67Just under rounded figure
DElection Funds from reserves£580.00 £0.00£0.00-580.00Election not required
ECar Park Donations£420.00To cover actual costs only£566.00£610.00190.00Car Park cost more than planned
FInterest£2.00 £0.00£0.00-2.00No interest-bearing account
GTaken from General Reserves£521.00For Royal Events£0.00£0.00-521.00Less needed from reserves
HOther£0.00 £184.67£184.67184.67Tax Refund (Carried over from last year)
 Total£5,163.00£0.00£4,388.00£4,432.00-£731.00External income more than expected
Transfers from reserves not needed
Expenditure (gross)
AClerk’s Gross Salary£2,148.00Current salary (52.14 x 3.5 x £11.21) + 5%.  22/23 includes extra payment£1,025.72£2,228.21-£80.21Salary increase more than expected
DTraining Courses and conferences£125.00Reduced to limit costs – Allow for 1 x new Cllr (£72) plus odd course only£0.00£27.00£98.00No New Councillor course taken, only conference
EInternal Auditor Honorarium£25.00No increase£25.00£25.00£0.00 
FAdministration Costs£80.00Inflationary£50.02£50.02£29.98Under budget
GInsurance£160.00Inflationary£145.80£145.80£14.20No increase
HInformation Commissioner’s Fee£35.00 £35.00£35.00£0.00 
I1Election Costs£580.0050% as advised – WDBC pick up other 50%£0.00£0.00£580.00No Election
I2To Election Reserve£160.00 £160.00£160.00£0.00 
JSubscriptions£120.00DALC & SLCC (Shared with Sticklepath)£141.98£141.98-£21.98DALC large increase
KVillage Hall Rent£60.00Inflationary£0.00£45.00£15.00No increase
LVillage Hall Website£70.00Inflationary£0.00£50.00£20.00No increase
M1Car Park Maintenance£420.00Will be covered by donations£611.11£611.11-£191.11Higher than expected, donations covered
M2To Car Park Reserve£75.00 £75.00£75.00£0.00 
NAsset Repairs£75.00Added contingency£0.00£0.00£75.00No repairs
PSection 137 Grants£60.00Same as last year£30.00£60.00£0.00 
RCoronation Project£660.00Reserve£385.20£385.20£274.80Engraving cheaper without panel
SContingency£200.00Increased in light of other reductions£0.00£0.00£200.00Not used
TEmail and Data Storage£110.00Best Practice£0.00£80.64£29.36Data donated by Simon Hill
 Total£5,163.00 £2,684.83£4,119.96£1,043.04Cheaper engraving and saved cost of election, offset other increases
Budget BalanceMore income than expenditure£312.04