Example Terms of Reference – Draft

Terms of Reference Transport Committee

A committee of Belstone Parish Council


  • Membership shall consist of not less than four residents of Belstone, of whom:
  • at least two members shall be Parish Councillors
  • at least two members shall be non-Councillors
  • All members shall have equal voting rights
  • The committee may agree membership without reference to the Parish Council.
  • A Chair shall be elected from the members of the Committee.


The quorum shall be three members


The committee shall meet once a year or otherwise as required, in any place to be determined by the Chair of the Transport Committee.

Terms of Reference

  1. The purpose of the Committee is to advise the Parish Council on all matters relating to transport in Belstone Parish. To include the speeding and parking.
  2. The Committee will seek approval from the Parish Council prior to any costs being incurred.
  3. The Committee will consult with the community of Belstone to understand their concerns and ideas with relation to transport in Belstone.
  4. The Committee will consider the needs of all the residents of Belstone when planning developments.
  5. The Committee will not require the support of the Parish Clerk, apart from in publishing pre-prepared agendas and minutes as required.