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Explanation of Variances 2021-22

Explanation of Variances

Name of smaller authority:Belstone Parish Council
County area (local councils and parish meetings only):Devon County Council

Next, please provide full explanations, including numerical values, for the following that will be flagged in the green boxes where relevant:
• variances of more than 15% between totals for individual boxes (except variances of less than £200);
New from 2020/21 onwards: variances of £100,000 or more require explanation regardless of the % variation year on year;
• a breakdown of approved reserves on the next tab if the total reserves (Box 7) figure is more than twice the annual precept/rates & levies value (Box 2).

 2020/212021/22VarianceVarianceExplanation Required?
1 Balances Brought Forward2,9212,999  Explanation of % variance from PY opening balance not required – Balance brought forward agrees
2 Precept or Rates and Levies2,3082,5252179.4%NO
3 Total Other Receipts127262600.00%No – Explanation not required, difference less than £200
4 Staff Costs1,3051,328231.76%NO
5 Loan Interest/ Capital Repayment0000.00%NO
6 All Other Payments9261,50457862.42%YES – £462 of expenditure budgeted for 2022/23 spent early, one off Jubilee expenditure. Unexpected training required for new clerk £242.
7 Balances Carried Forward2,9992,719  NO
8 Total Cash and Short Term Investments2,9992,719  NO
9 Total Fixed Assets plus Other Long Term Investments and Assets3,4063,81741112.07%NO
10 Total Borrowings0000.00%NO