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First Quarter Budget 2021-22 – Belstone Parish Council

Budget 2021-2022
Revenue Budget
Income (gross)
 Adopted Budget1st Quarter2nd Quarter3rd Quarter4th QuarterNotes
Council Tax Support Grant£0.00£0.00
VAT Refund£0.00£27.00
Election Funds from reserves£0.00£0.00
Expenditure (gross)
Clerk’s Net Salary£1,090.40£266.40
Tax Contribution for Clerk£268.80£66.40
PAYE Contract with WDBC£120.00£120.00
Training Courses£100.00£156.00Agreed to take from reserves
Internal Auditor Honorarium£25.00£25.00
Administration Costs£130.00£0.00
Public Liability Insurance£190.00£180.10
Information Commissioner’s Fee£35.00£35.00
Election Costs£150.00£0.00
DALC Subscription£66.00£55.08
Village Hall Rent£40.00£0.00
Village Hall Website£50.00£0.00
Car Park Maintenance£100.00£0.00
Asset Repairs£10.00£0.00
Drainage Works£0.00£0.00
Section 137 Grants£50.00£0.00
Budget Balance-£0.20£385.52    
Bank Balance1356.111741.63
Unallocated Funds1356.111356.11