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Internal Auditor’s Report 2022

During the financial year ended 31 March 2022, this authority’s internal auditor acting independently and on the basis of an assessment of risk, carried out a selective assessment of compliance with the relevant procedures and controls in operation and obtained appropriate evidence from the authority.
The internal audit for 2021/22 has been carried out in accordance with this authority’s needs and planned coverage. On the basis of the findings in the areas examined, the internal audit conclusions are summarised in this table. Set out below are the objectives of internal control and alongside are the internal audit conclusions on whether, in all significant respects, the control objectives were being achieved throughout the financial year to a standard adequate to meet the needs of this authority.

A. Appropriate accounting records have been properly kept throughout the financial year.YES
B. This authority complied with its financial regulations, payments were supported by invoices, all expenditure was approved and VAT was appropriately accounted for.YES
C. This authority assessed the significant risks to achieving its objectives and reviewed the adequacy of arrangements to manage these.YES
D. The precept or rates requirement resulted from an adequate budgetary process; progress against the budget was regularly monitored; and reserves were appropriate.YES
E. Expected income was fully received, based on correct prices, properly recorded and promptly banked; and VAT was appropriately accounted for.YES
F. Petty cash payments were properly supported by receipts, all petty cash expenditure was approved and VAT appropriately accounted for.YES
G. Salaries to employees and allowances to members were paid in accordance with this authority’s approvals, and PAYE and NI requirements were properly applied.YES
H. Asset and investments registers were complete and accurate and properly maintained.YES
I. Periodic bank account reconciliations were properly carried out during the yearYES
J. Accounting statements prepared during the year were prepared on the correct accounting basis (receipts and payments or income and expenditure), agreed to the cash book, supported by an adequate audit trail from underlying records and where appropriate debtors and creditors were properly recorded.YES
K. If the authority certified itself as exempt from a limited assurance review in 2020/21, it met the exemption criteria and correctly declared itself exempt. (If the authority had a limited assurance review of its 2020/21 AGAR tick “not covered”)YES
L. The authority publishes information on a free to access website/webpage up to date at the time of the internal audit in accordance with any relevant transparency code requirementsYES
M. The authority, during the previous year (2020-21) correctly provided for the period for the exercise of public rights as required by the Accounts and Audit Regulations (evidenced by the notice published on the website and/or authority approved minutes confirming the dates set).YES
N. The authority has complied with the publication requirements for 2020/21 AGAR (see AGAR Page 1 Guidance Notes).YES
O. (For local councils only) Trust funds (including charitable) – The council met its responsibilities as a trustee.YES

Date(s) internal audit undertaken : 28/04/2022

Name of person who carried out the internal audit: Mr Chris Walpole

Signed By: C Walpole

Date: 28/04/2022

Annual Internal Audit Report 2021/22

A. Appropriate accounting records/proper bookkeeping.

The current, reserve and all the prepared account summaries are correct and show a complete record of the business for the past year.

B. Financial Regulations

All the financial regulations have been met. All payments have been approved and reported in the minutes and the S137 payments separately categorized.

C. Risk Management Procedures

The Risk Assessment was updated and validated on 11 January 2022.

D. Budgetary Controls and Annual Precept

The 2021/22 budget was checked, agreed and minuted at a Council meeting on 25 May 2021.

E. Income Controls

All income is fully accounted and recorded and security controls adequate.

F. Petty Cash Procedures

There were no petty cash payments.

G. Payroll Controls

The Clerk was paid under the guidelines from HMRC.

H. Asset Controls

The Assets Register was discussed, confirmed and minuted at a Council meeting on 11 January 2022.

I. Bank Account Reconciliation

All financial transactions including bank account statements have been checked, monitored and reported. The Council is fully informed of the finances of each account at most meetings.

J. Year End Accounts.

The accounts have been prepared correctly with appropriate audit trails and agree with the balances on the bank statements.

K. Limited Assurance Review

A Certificate of Exemption was signed by the Council on 15th June 2021, correctly declaring itself exempt.

L. Website Access.

The Council promptly publishes all relevant information on the village website.

M. Public Rights

Notice published on the village website.

N. Annual Governance and Accountability Return (AGAR).

The Council met this AGAR requirement with a village website publication announced on 22 June 2021.

O. Trust Funds

The Council has met its responsibilities as trustee of the Skaigh Wood Trust.

Chris Walpole, Internal Auditor, 28 April 2022