We went to the last night of this sell out play from the excellent Belstone Players. The village Hall makes a great venue and what would anyway have been a great evening was made even more enjoyable by the format. Not only were we given two wonderful small play vignettes but these were interspersed with a two-course meal. The meal was supplied from the generosity of 26 hard working chefs over the four days. This is a delight as instead of just theatre we had a complete evening out.

The play was ably directed by Robin Hill. He had excellent acting support from,  in the first piece,  Theresa Weaver, Phil Hammans,  Sarah Kingdom, Richard Penny, Sally Fullwood, Peter Radlett and Bob Weaver. They gave us a great farce in miniature. The wedding of the daughter of the family reveals that the VERY unhappy parents are not themselves married. Chaos ensues. Great performances all round with a bravura Frederique from Theresa Weaver!

The second half was a delight for those of us here two years ago. Here again we were entertained by the antics of the Little Belstone Acting Society. Not so much their acting but all the shenanigans of putting on a play in a village. I am quite sure it is nothing like that in the real Belstone!!! Heaven forfend. Chris Bloor, Jane Herbert, Edwina Hill and Simon Herbert were the never-say-die members of the Society. Wonderful!

Thank you to all who put this on – the actors who also serve (see what I did there?) and also the bar staff and the back-room boys and girls without whom this would never happen. Cannot wait for the next one.

Tom Bell