church2_400You may remember several years ago Bernards Acre had huge plans to completely rebuild their centre with eco friendly technology including a grass roof. This was a huge project which never got off the ground. More recently Bernards Acre has been taken over by a new team of trustees who are very keen to update and modify the building. They need full planning and building regulations for the changes that they would like to make so that the building would then encourage greater use. However they are starting basic improvements over the course of the next few months and hope to have a big celebration of the completion of this phase in the spring of next year and to raise money for our own Cash for Khazi.

The new set of Trustees are all members of Belmont Church in Exeter and they are very keen to have a closer relationship with us as a Church and us as a village and they would be delighted to expand the joint Epiphany services, which we have run for the last few years, to include more joint events. We had six of them join us for a recent morning prayer and we all seemed to get on very well which bodes well for the future.

Advent Sunday is on the 27th November and we will be having our usual Christingle Service at 4.00 pm which will include oranges, cocktail sticks,sweets and lots of candles.

And to end on a high I have just heard that we have been granted full planning permission by the DNP for our vestry extension which means Cash for Khazi is now a reality and up and running. More to follow !

Simon Herbert