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Clerk’s Report May 2023

Parish Clerk Report for 15th May 2023

Completed Actions

Copies of all letters and emails will be available to view at the meeting.

  • In agreement with the decision made at the September 2022 meeting, I am now only forwarding important emails, and not forwarding newsletters from Devon Association of Local Councils (DALC), Devon County Council (DCC) or West Devon Borough Council (WDBC), or other local organisations. Councillors can subscribe to DALC directly. If any members have a particular interest about which they would like information forwarded please let me know.
  • The Insurance renewal is the same cover and policy as last year, we entered into a three-year agreement to reduce the premium. The bus shelter is insured for £1,897 and the telephone box for £1,575. All other amounts are a standard policy. If anybody wishes to see the renewal documents, please let me know. The renewal date is 1st June.
  • The accounts are now with Chris Walpole, the Internal Auditor.

Agenda Items

2023/24-034 Dartmoor National Park Authority Ballot

Devon Association of Local Councils (DALC) have written to ask for nominations for the parish Members on the Dartmoor National Park Authority. All previous members automatically lose their places at the election. As Belstone Council previously declined to nominate anyone, I have assumed that is still the case. Nominations must be in and ballot papers will be issued by the time of our meeting. I hope that the ballot paper will arrive in time for the meeting. We did vote at the last election of this type. There are four members appointed to the Authority to represent parish council interests. They have to be approved by the Secretary of State. If anybody requires further information, I can forward the details sent to me. I will forward the ballot papers as soon as I receive them (they are being sent out on Fri 12th May). If they are not received in time for the meeting, it may be necessary to delegate the vote or agree it by email. The ballot papers must be returned by the end of May.