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Parish Council Minutes – January 2019


  Minutes of the Meeting held on 15th January 2019

 at 7.30pm in the Village Hall Meeting Room

Present: Michael Ash (Chairman), Ann Norman (Vice Chairman), Paul Boyce, Peter Cooper, Elisabeth Emerson, Susan Norrish, Jon Pike and Kate Little (Parish Clerk).

In attendance: David Emerson

72.     Apologies for absence: None

73.     Minutes of the Annual Parish Meeting of 4th December 2018: Signed as          a correct record of the meeting.

74.     Matters Arising: The dates for Parish Council meetings for the next year   were confirmed.  The Parish Council completes it’s four year term of office in       the run up to the 2nd May election date, even if no election is required.  A period of purdah follows until a new Parish Council is elected or returned unopposed.  It was noted that if less candidates than a quorum of the Council    stands for election, a new election date would have to be set with the PC         required to pay the whole cost of that election.

75.     Declarations of Interest: None

76.     Urgent Items Raised by the Chairman: There were none.

77.     Correspondence:

  • The Chairman has received an invitation to a Queen’s Garden Party.
  • HMRC statement received – the PC is up to date with its taxes.

78.     Clerk’s Report:

  • Elections on 2nd May 2019 – The arrangements for standing for election, including nomination papers, electoral nos. of nominators, returning papers in person for checking at WDBC offices in Tavistock, deadlines, and arrangements during purdah, were discussed.  [Information on this and nominations papers can be obtained from the Parish Clerk].
  • Employing a joint lengthsman with adj parishes – It was decided to put a sum of money in the next year’s budget for drainage work rather than entering into any contractual arrangement.

79.     Finance:

  • Setting the 2019/2020 Precept – It was agreed to increase the PC annual budget by £414 in order to set aside sufficient funds for an election on May 2nd and to start a maintenance fund for the car park for which the PC has acquired a 10 year lease.  A sum was also allocated for drainage works.  Other small increases were included for insurance and the Parish Clerk’s annual remuneration.   It was resolved to approve a precept for 2019/2020 of £2177. 
  • Payments made – £999.68 was paid to Belstone Cricket Club following receipt of TAP funding from WDBC.  £40 for village hall rent and £20 village website contribution.
  • Council Diary – a new diary will be prepared for 2019.

80.     Planning Items:

  • It was noted that planning permission had been refused for a dwelling and new agricultural access at Land adj Woodsmoke, Skaigh Lane.

81.     Highways:

  • It was reported that the Village Hall Committee was concerned about one small section of ground not resurfaced on the car park side of the road, which was already collecting water.  The cllrs felt however far more work had taken place than had been expected with re-surfacing extending into the car park itself.  The PC would now seek quotes for edging the car park.  Peter Cooper to lead on the project by seeing contractors.
  • It was observed that residents reporting potholes on the DCC Highways website was far more effective than the PC reporting them.

82.     Other Matters at the Discretion of the Chairman:

  • Report back from the Superlinks Meeting – Elisabeth Emerson attended on behalf of the PC and reported that there was much concern from various PCs regarding insurance cover for volunteers such as snow wardens;  The Police are setting a new target of 10 min response times to call outs;  TAP funds are no longer going to be as useful to PCs as previously as the funds can no longer be used for drainage works.

There being no further business the Chairman closed the meeting at 8.50pm

The Next meeting will be on 26th February 2019 at 7.30pm