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Report from Cllr Lynn Daniel – West Devon Borough Council

West Devon Borough Council Report November 2021

WDBC Winter Plan 2021/22

West Devon BC have prepared a Winter plan for the Borough which is aligned with the national winter plan. The aim is to keep residents warm and safe during the colder darker months. The council are aware of the many social care vacancies in the area which could mean vulnerable residents being without the support they need. There are funds and grants for individual hardship which can provide assistance with financial, housing and physical issues.  For these issues the WD Welfare Support fund can be applied for. Fuel poverty remains an ongoing issue that affect a significant minority of households. WD have the Green Homes grant to ensue homes meet minimum energy standards.

There are also various community and charity organisations that can provide help. For example, CVS Okehampton and Tavistock. The plan is to set up an online resource page for information about what is available locally. If anyone has information about local groups that could go on the resource page please let me know.

WDBC have applied for a share of a government grant for housing and food costs, to support our local communities, particularly school meal support in the coming holidays.

WD also has a Vulnerability Officer Rachelle Underwood, who can assist individuals to access the funds and support they need. To enable independent living the DFG Disability Facilities Grant is still available for adaptation and modifications to homes.

Housing need and hardship is also high on the council’s agenda and extra support will be available to assist those who find themselves needing help to maintain tenancies or are in rent arrears. Please contact the council as soon as you can in these circumstances.

WDBC has wider strategy of lobbying government to increase funding to the area so we can adequately support those in need. WDBC will also work with DCC to join up NHS, Voluntary and Social Services to provide a Team Devon approach to Winter Hardship.

Business Hardship

Business covid grants schemes have now ended. There are schemes which can enable businesses to remain covid compliant these can be accessed online and are available until April 2022.


If waste collections are missed, please use the following contacts these go directly to the contractor and will avoid delays in resolving issues.

https://westdevon.fccenvironment.co.uk/missedcollection this link is to report missed refuse, recycling, food waste and garden waste. The web page will also be able to advise when the crews have reported an issue themselves and what the plan is for recovery. This information goes directly to the contractor on their in-cab technology and so removes any delay in getting any back collection completed.


this link is the most appropriate for general questions/observations or complaints. This routes to the Case Management team and enables us to assign work to an appropriate Officer, or if need be instruct a Locality officer to attend.


this link is for reporting fly tips/litter bins/dog bins and recycling banks etc. Again this routes to an appropriate team to investigate as well as directly to FCC if appropriate.


this link is to be able to see what day a collection is due on and what services are attached to a property.

Telephone customer services – 01822 813600

This is through to our contact centre who can access the above links to report on behalf of the resident and answer many queries and questions.

Cllr Lynn Daniel