Skaigh Wood Trust Chairman’s Report 2021-22

Registered Charity No.201284

Chairman’s Annual Report 2021-22

The Trust has met eight times during the year.

The tree disease Ash Dieback has affected many trees in the wood, and it has been necessary to fell ten along the river footpath. The large trees had to be felled by a contractor at a cost of £600. The smaller ones being dealt with by StOC. Trees along the upper path are due to be re-inspected this year.

In early September four members, and the Clerk, walked around the wood with Katie Wilkinson of Devon Wildlife Trust. She thought that the wood was in quite a good natural state, and did not need much management. In her report she made one or two points, but the Trust at its next meeting agreed not to take any action on them.

Dormice boxes within the wood are monitored four times a year by Robin Hill and Peter Radlett, who send their reports to a trust for endangered species.

The footbridge has been inspected and found to be still in sound condition.

A donation of £100 was made to StOC in recognition of their work for the Trust.

Insurance for the year has been paid, and Mr Luxton has paid the rent for the Outer Warren.

I would like to thank StOC and Ian Brooker for work which they do for the Trust, my fellow trustees for their interest in the work of the trust, and Sally Fullwood for the minutes and accounts.

M.W.J. Ash (Chairman)

10th May 2022