Church Cash for Khazi

Well finally, after months of form filling, copious correspondence and lots of waiting, the big day arrived when I heard the results of our four architect picked builders’ quotes for our Cash for Khazi project. Anxiously I opened the email … Read More

Belstone Church News – January

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According to the dictionary the word Epiphany has three different meanings which are along the following lines. A sudden realisation or discovery; an appearance or manifestation especially of a divine being; and a Church festival celebrating the arrival at Bethlehem … Read More

Church News – December 2016

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Life is all about a journey in time, and within our lives we make many journeys in many different directions. I wrote in October’s Beacon  about our Mission Action Plan, or MAP, which as a Church we have now adopted … Read More

Church News – November 2016

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You may remember several years ago Bernards Acre had huge plans to completely rebuild their centre with eco friendly technology including a grass roof. This was a huge project which never got off the ground. More recently Bernards Acre has … Read More