Belstone Parish Council Logo -For Parish Council Meeting

Agenda for the Annual Belstone Parish Council meeting on 15th May 2023 in Belstone Village Hall following the Annual Parish Meeting

2023/24-019 Acceptance of Office

To receive the signed acceptance of office forms from all members, necessary before they can commence their duties. Distribution of Declarations of Interest forms.

2023/24-020 Election of Officers

To elect a Chairman and Vice-Chair of the council for the next year. For them to sign the acceptance of office forms for these roles.

2023/24-021 Apologies for Absence

To record any apologies for absence and reasons. For resolution.

2023/24-022 Disclosures of Interests

To receive disclosures of personal & prejudicial interest from Councillors on matters to be considered at the meeting

2023/24-023 Minutes

To resolve that the minutes of the meeting of the Council held on 17th April 2023, previously circulated, be signed as a correct record.

2023/24-024 Signing of Consent to Electronic Communication

To receive the signed consent forms from all members who require communication by email.

2023/24-025 Representation on other bodies

To agree the members to represent the Council on the following bodies:
• Village Hall Committee
• Eastern Links Committee
• Sticklepath Village School Trust
• Greener Belstone

2023/24-026 Meeting Dates for the rest of 2022-23

To confirm the meeting dates for the remainder of the year:
Monday June 26th
Monday July 24th
Monday September 11th
Monday October 23rd
Monday December 11th
Monday January 22nd
Monday March 11th

2023/24-027 Chairman’s Announcements

To receive any announcements from the Chairman or Vice-Chair.

2023/24-028 Clerk’s Report

To note the Clerk’s Report, previously circulated.

2023/24-029 Planning

To agree the Council’s response to any applications which may arise after the agenda publication.

2023/24-030 Coronation

To receive any updates regarding the engraving and the lamp.

2023/24-031 Finance

A. Recent Transactions

• Income – First Instalment of Precept £1,750.
• Expenditure – Car Park £611.11, Ink Cartridges £33.37, DALC Subscription, £85.98, William & Triggs Engraving Deposit £192.60
• Total Balance (03/05/23) £4,103.57 (including £460 election reserve)

B. Any Payments to be Authorised

• Insurance Payment £145.80 (the same as last year)
• Williams & Triggs second instalment £192.60

2023/24-032 Parking

To agree possible dates for a Parish Meeting regarding parking in the village.

2023/24-033 Code of Conduct

To review and approve the Code of Conduct for the Council.

2023/24-034 Dartmoor National Park Authority Ballot

To confirm the vote of the Parish Council for the parish Members on the Dartmoor National Park Authority, or agree arrangements for a later decision.

2023/24-035 Cattle Attacks on Dartmoor

To agree any action following the latest information on the cattle attacks.

2023/24-036 Items for Next Parish Council Agenda

To receive any items for the meeting on 26th June 2023.
Review of the Asset Register is overdue. The AGAR and Internal Auditor’s report are due.