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Agenda for a meeting of Belstone Parish Council to be held on 12th July 2022 in the Meeting Room at Belstone Village Hall at 7.30 pm

Agenda Published 5th July 2022

2022/23-63 Disclosures of Interests

To receive disclosures of personal and prejudicial interest from Councillors on matters to be considered at the meeting

2022/23-64 Apologies for Absence

To record any apologies for absence and reasons. For resolution.

2022/23-65 Public Participation

This item is limited to 15 minutes and will be conducted in accordance with the Standing Orders of the Council, which are available to read on the website.

2022/23-66 Minutes

To resolve that the minutes of the meeting of the Council held on 14th June 2022, previously circulated, be signed as a correct record.

2022/23-67 Borough & County Councillor Statements

To receive any reports from Cllr Lynn Daniel or Cllr James McInnes.

2022/23-68 Chairman’s Announcements

To receive any announcements from the Chairman or Vice-Chairman.

2022/23-69 Finance

A. Change of Bank Accounts (Resolution 2021/22-45B)

To receive Cllr Pike’s report on progress with opening the new bank account.

B. Recent Transactions

• No Receipts
• Paid – Clerk’s Salary and Tax, Honorarium for Auditor, PS Cooper for Jubilee Stakes, Simon Hill for email system.
• Bank Statement not received at time of issuing agenda.

C. Payments to be Authorised

• Society of Local Council Clerks Membership for Clerk

D. Thanks from Internal Auditor

To note Chris Walpole’s thanks for the honorarium.

2022/23-70 Car Park Actions

A. Removal of Grass (Resolution 2021/22-47B)

To receive Cllr Ash’s report on progress.
To resolve when invoices for donations should be sent out.

2022/23-71 Village Light (Resolution 2021/22-73)

To report any action on the Village Light

2022/23-72 Clerk’s Report

To note the Clerk’s Report, previously circulated.

2022/23-73 Clerk’s Holiday

To confirm arrangements for the August holiday.

2022/23-74 Electronic Communications

To receive Cllr Hill’s report on progress.

2022/23-75 Asset Inspection

To receive progress reports on assets requiring action:
• Woodwards Seat
• Telephone Box
• Notice on Pound
• Gate on Pound

2022/23-76 Speeding

To consider the Council’s response to the Neighbourhood Highways Officer’s email:
• Children’s Signs
• Road Safety Ideas
• Signing for Cattle

2022/23-77 Road Problems

To discuss problems with Skaigh Lane reported by Cllr Norrish.

2022/23-78 Planning

To agree the council’s response to the following applications.

A. 0208/22 Proposed: Use of holiday let (approved by planning permission 0450/16) as affordable dwelling including change of use of land to garden at Skaigh Stables, Road from Belstone Cross to Skaigh Lodge, Belstone, Okehampton

B. 0218/22 Proposed: Replacement of blocked septic tank with new package sewerage treatment plant with drainage outfall pipework at Church Park, Road from Town Living Farm to Resugga, Belstone

C. 0220/22 Proposed: Erection of timber carport and log store at The Retreat, Road from Belstone Cross to Skaigh Lodge, Belstone
Other Planning Matters:

D. Potential Breach of Planning Replacement storage shed (retrospective) at Land Adjacent to Tor Cottage, Belstone

2022/23-79 Complaints Policy

To adopt a Council Complaints Policy.

2022/23-80 Car Park Policy

To review, and possibly amend, the Car Park Policy.

2022/23-81 Items for Next Agenda

To receive any items to be added to the next agenda.
Already Planned – Mid Year Budget, Review of Great Green Parking.

The date of the next meeting will be Tuesday September 13th 2022.