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Parish Council Meeting – July 2022

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Minutes for the meeting of Belstone Parish Council held on 12th July 2022 in the Meeting Room, Belstone Village Hall at 7.30 pm

Councillors Present:

Michael Ash (Chairman), Peter Cooper, Susan Norrish, Jon Pike, Theresa Weaver, Simon Hill, Paul Boyce
Also Present: Sally Fullwood (Clerk)

2022/23-63 Disclosures of Interests

Cllr Hill, Cllr Cooper and Cllr Ash all disclosed an interest in Item 2022/23-78E as they had been involved in the planning application or building of the storage shed.

2022/23-64 Apologies for Absence

There were none.

2022/23-65 Public Participation

There was none.

2022/23-66 Minutes

The minutes of the meetings of the Council held on 14th June 2022 were considered, agreed and signed as a correct record.

2022/23-67 Borough & County Councillor Statements

The report from Cllr Lynn Daniel (West Devon Borough Council) was noted.
Cllr Weaver proposed that the information about Grants for Energy Efficiency was put on the Website. Action: It was agreed that the Clerk would put a link to the relevant site in the post announcing the minutes.

2022/23-68 Chairman and Vice-Chair’s Announcements

Cllr Ash reported that the A-Frame notice on the Great Green provided by Dicky of The Tors Inn has worked well.

2022/23-69 Finance

A. Change of Bank Accounts (Resolution 2021/22-45B)

Cllr Pike has sent the signed forms to the bank, and is waiting for a response which may take some time.

B. Recent Transactions

The following transactions were noted:
• Received Interest 27p (two months)
• Paid Clerk’s Salary and Tax, Honorarium for Auditor, PS Cooper for Jubilee Stakes, Simon Hill for email system (these items not yet on statement)
• Current Statement Balance £2,394 + £1,643 = £4,577
• Balance after payments in process £1,721 + £1,643 = £3,364

C. Payments to be Authorised

Proposal to authorise the following payment:
• Society of Local Council Clerks Membership for Clerk £56, budget £74, awaiting new invoice with equal amount going to Sticklepath Parish Council.
Proposer: Cllr Pike, Seconder: Cllr Norrish, all agreed

D. Thanks from Internal Auditor

Chris Walpole had sent his thanks for the honorarium.

2022/23-70 Car Park Actions

A. Removal of Grass (Resolution 2021/22-47B)

Cllr Ash reported that It is still intended to put the hard core down in the Autumn, when the ground is damper and the car park is less busy. Invoices for the promised donations will be sent out after the work is done. Action: Clerk to email donors with update on the work.

2022/23-71 Village Light (Resolution 2021/22-73)

Cllr Norrish had spoken to two members of the public, who had said the light was off in the early hours of the morning. It appears to have been fixed.

2022/23-72 Clerk’s Report

The Clerk had circulated a report detailing actions taken, available on the website or by application to the Clerk. This was noted. Clerk’s appraisal is due 27th April. Action: Cllr Weaver will circulate the appraisal forms.

2022/23-73 Clerk’s Holiday

Cllr Hill will handle the redirection of email during August.

2022/23-74 Electronic Communications

Cllr Hill reported that the new email system has been set up and paid for. He and the Clerk are using their new email addresses, he will visit each member of council in the coming week or so to set each one up.

2022/23-75 Asset Inspection

• Seat 12. Woodwards Seat – This has been fixed.
• Telephone box – Ella Curnow is fixing this.
• Notice on Pound – Cllr Cooper has the wood and has painted it. Julia Kuhn had asked to be kept in touch with progress and for an extra sentence to be added to the notice about closing the gate. Action: Cllr Hill will ask Chris Walpole about doing the painting of the wording as it is believed that he did it last time. If he is not available, Cllr Cooper will do it.
• Gate on Pound – Gate is the original made of oak, and needs repairing. Action: Cllr Cooper and Cllr Ash will inspect the gate.

2022/23-76 Speeding

The Neighbourhood Highways Officer (NHO), Josh Scillitoe, had written with options to prevent speeding in the village. As there have been no reported accidents the speed limit cannot be lowered.
It was agreed to delay any action until after the October meeting which Josh Scillitoe is due to attend, as that will give an opportunity for members of the public to raise issues.

2022/23-77 Road Problems

Cllr Norrish raised several issues that had been reported to her by members of the public. Other councillors had also been asked about them.
• A dip in the road at the bottom of Skaigh Lane on the way to Sticklepath, by the entrance to the car park near the river. There is no vertical edge, but subsidence has caused a dip which could be dangerous to cyclists.
• A large stone lodged in a gully at the top of Skaigh Lane.
It was agreed that both items would be reported to the NHO and on the website.

2022/23-78 Planning

A. 0208/22 Proposed: Use of holiday let

(approved by planning permission 0450/16) as affordable dwelling including change of use of land to garden at Skaigh Stables, Road from Belstone Cross to Skaigh Lodge, Belstone, Okehampton.
This application had been withdrawn and so was not discussed.

B. 0218/22 Proposed: Replacement of blocked septic tank

with new package sewerage treatment plant with drainage outfall pipework at Church Park, Road from Town Living Farm to Resugga, Belstone. It was agreed to record no objection to the proposal.

C. 0220/22 Proposed: Erection of timber carport and log store

at The Retreat, Road from Belstone Cross to Skaigh Lodge, Belstone. This house was formerly Cherry Trees.
It was agreed to record no objection to the proposal.

D. 0260/22 – Proposed: Creation of two bay windows to rear elevation at Steeperton, Belstone

It was agreed to record no objection to the proposal.

Other Planning Matters:

E. Potential Breach of Planning

Replacement storage shed (retrospective) at Land Adjacent to Tor Cottage, Belstone.
A member of the public has asked that the council report that the wall has not been rebuilt to 1.8M.
It was proposed to ask the DNPA to review the actual works with regard to the planning consent.
Proposed: Cllr Pike, Cllr Norrish.

2022/23-79 Complaints Policy

The Complaints Policy was approved and signed, for review after 3 years.

2022/23-80 Car Park Policy

The Car Park Policy was approved and signed, with the addition of the extra clause, for review after 3 years.

2022/23-81 Items for Next Agenda

Already Planned – Mid Year Budget, Review of Great Green Parking.
The following items were added for discussion at the next meeting:
• Cllr Cooper had received complaints from two residents regarding the planting at the entrance to the Cricket Club which has dangerously obscured the view.
• Cllr Boyce has received complaints about the large barn at Tor Down House.

The meeting closed at 20:32

The date of the next meeting will be Tuesday September 13th 2022.