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Parish Council Meeting – March 2024

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Minutes for the meeting of Belstone Parish Council held on 11th March 2024 at Belstone Village Hall at 7.30 pm

Councillors Present:

Michael Ash (Chairman), Jon Pike, Peter Cooper, Theresa Weaver, Deborah Hosegood
Also Present: Sally Fullwood (Clerk)
1 Member of the public.

2023/24-141 Disclosures of Interests

There were no disclosures of interest.

2023/24-142 Co-Option of Candidate to fill Casual Vacancy

There was one candidate.
It was agreed to co-opt Claire Grubb as a Councillor on Belstone Parish Council.
Proposer: Cllr Weaver, Seconder: Cllr Pike, all agreed.
The Acceptance of Office was signed and Cllr Grubb took part in the rest of the meeting.

2023/24-143 Apologies for Absence

Cllr Andrew Booth sent his apologies, which were accepted.

2023/24-144 Public Participation Session

There was no public participation.

2023/24-145 Minutes

The minutes of the extraordinary meeting of the Council held on 19th February 2024 were considered, agreed and signed as a correct record.

2023/24-146 Borough & County Councillor Statements

Cllr Lynn Daniel (West Devon Borough Council) had sent reports for February and March which had been circulated and are available on the website. These were noted

2023/24-147 Chairman’s Announcements

Cllr Ash reported that he had dug out two steps from the road to enable people to get the Wheelpit Hill seat more easily. The seat also needs the replacement of all four planks. Cllr Ash agreed to make the repairs, and Cllr Cooper will supply the wood. Action: Cllr Ash and Cllr Cooper
Cllr Ash requested that the culvert near Mere Pool and Tors Park needed to be reported to Highways as there had been a lot of flooding there. Action: Clerk.
A resident’s complaint regarding footpath damage by the Hunt had been forwarded to the Dartmoor National Park Authority (DNPA) volunteer warden who had explained that the Lord of the Manor had given permission for the hunt to use that land, and it was not a designated footpath. Stray dogs from the hunt were a matter for the police.
The actions of the Neighbourhood Highways Officer to clear the drainage up by the South West Water building were discussed.

2023/24-148 Clerk’s Report

The Clerk had circulated a report detailing actions taken. This was noted.
Although the Clerk and Neighbourhood Highways Officer had already explained to the Devon Highways that Priesticott Lane was not suitable for a traffic diversion, the Council would like to re-voice their concerns about a proposed diversion in April. In the past there has been a one-way system up Skaigh Lane and down Priesticott Lane. Action: Clerk.
The Clerk also mentioned that Sticklepath Parish Council would be visited by a Community Land Trust facilitator at their next meeting, should Belstone Council wish to hear more about it, as agreed in their January meeting.

2023/24-149 Coronation Lantern

Cllr Pike reported that, after some revisions, the application was now on the DNPA Planning website.
0105/24 Reinstatement of village lantern at Land in Village Centre to the Front of Dartmoor House, Belstone, Okehampton, EX20 1RA

2023/24-150 Planning

A. Planning Applications

It was agreed to reply to the consultation letter on the Council’s own application by saying “Belstone Parish Council is the applicant for this application and therefore fully supports it.” Action: Clerk

B. Planning Decisions

The grant of Listed Building Consent for 0547-23 Perryman’s Cottage, Belstone was noted.
The grant of Planning Consent for 0015/24 – Alterations and extension to garage building to create studio space in the roof at Taikoo, Belstone, Okehampton, EX20 1QZ was noted.

C. Other Planning Matters

Several applications regarding Burl, Belstone EX20 1RD were noted.

DOC/0559/20 4Discharge of Conditions – Prior to commencement of work barrier fencing has been installed as shown in the attached photos and will be retained until completion of the build.Discharged
0219/23Section 73 – Variation of conditions 2 and 4 of approved planning ref: 0560/20Grant Conditionally
DOC/0559/20 3Discharge of Conditions – prior to the commencement of the development hereby permitted, details of the proposed landscaping and planting scheme shall be submitted to the Local Planning Authority for approvalDischarged

The last discharge of conditions had been listed under Okehampton Hamlets instead of Belstone, the Council wish to complain about that error. Action: Clerk.

2023/24-151 Finance

A. Recent Transactions

• Payments – Village Hall Rental – £45, Website – £50
• Receipts – None
• Total Balance (11/03/24) £4,379.23 (including £620 election reserve, £73.89 Car Park Reserve)
It was agreed to put some of the balance into a savings account to earn interest. Action: Clerk.

B. Payments

The following payment was agreed:
• Clerk’s Gross Wages Jan-Mar – £555.56, Proposer: Cllr Pike, Seconder: Cllr Weaver.
Action: Clerk to set up payment
Former councillor Simon Hill who had set up and paid for the data element of the email subscription had indicated that he did not wish to be reimbursed. It was agreed to send the Council’s thanks for this payment. Action: Clerk.

2023/24-152 Car Park Repairs

It was agreed that the large pothole near the road edge of the car park needed a sustainable repair, such as hot tar. Action: Cllr Cooper will investigate solutions.

2023/24-153 Tongue End Drainage

There is an open grating at the bottom of Mine Lane (the bridleway), which originally used to drain in to the cattle grid. Cllr Ash had cleared it, but excess water continues to flow on to the main road after heavy rain. It was agreed to ask Highways to arrange jetting of the drain. Action: Clerk.

2023/24-154 Cricket Club Parking

The Cricket Club had written indicating that if the Parish Council wished to arrange volunteers to staff the grounds to maintain security, and if it did not clash with match days/ground preparation days, then they would be happy for the cricket ground to be used as an overflow car park on busy days such as bank holidays.
It was agreed that the Parish Council could not undertake to find volunteers, so would decline the Cricket Club’s offer. Action: Clerk to reply to Cricket Club.

2023/24-155 Clerk’s Holiday

The Clerk will be on holiday 13th-27th March 2024, and Cllr Pike volunteered to review the Clerk’s emails during that period. Action: Cllr Pike/Clerk.

2023/24-156 Annual Parish Meeting

It was agreed to use the draft agenda, as circulated by the Clerk, for the Annual Parish Meeting to be held on Monday 29th April. It was agreed to invite the new Dartmoor National Park Ranger, Fred Hutt to speak on behalf of DNPA. Action: Clerk

2023/24-157 Interests Register

All councillors have reviewed their Register of Interests, and submitted any changes to the Clerk.
Action: Clerk to update register.

2023/24-158 Items for Next Parish Council Agenda

No further items were raised for the next meeting on 20th May, which will be the Annual Parish Council meeting. Items due – Election of Officers, Signing of Acceptance of Office Forms, Signing of Consent to Electronic Communication forms, Appointment of Council representatives on other bodies, Confirmation of Meeting Dates for 2024-25, Financial Regulations Review.

The meeting closed at 8.29 pm.
The date of the next meeting will be Monday May 20th 2024 at 7.30pm.